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Processed with MoldivA special experience in a unique place.

Tamarind would like to welcome you to this elegant and enchanting restaurant that blends the rustic charm of exposed stone with exotic Thai decor. Rocking gently to the sound of the fountain, you will experience a moment of well being, an escape wrapped in the sweet fragrance of jasmine. This amazing interior is the creation of two imaginative sisters. It is the fruit of their personality and the embodiment of their vision.

In this intimate venue, you will experience fine dining,  tasting varied dishes, sometimes traditional , sometimes modern, always satisfying . Helping to transport you into the myriad of rich Thai flavours like curry, lemongrass and coconut milk. For the traditionalists, we offer the authentic Crying Tiger, a renowned dish of tender grilled beef with a  tamarind sauce, or the Hormok pla, a fresh fish curry and coconut milk enveloped in banana leaves. For those willing to try something new, thai dishes with a contemporary twist, let us seduce you with  ravioli shrimp curry or flan with green tea served with our mysterious violet ice-cream

Finally, Tamarind has been and is always proud to welcome through its doors, dignitaries from the Thai Embassy in Paris and members the Thai Royal Family , who have praised the restaurant for the authenticity and richness of its flavors. Often chosen to represent the Thai culinary arts at cultural events, Tamarind has established itself as the true standard bearer of Thai cuisine.